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Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Big Whine!

It seems like every time now I make a post that there’s something wrong here. Well today is no different. Both Fmom and I have the flu. It’s very wide spread around here, and they’ve closed some schools. I know this will be over in time, but I’m getting to the point of thinking what next? Between migraines, back problems and now the Peripheral Neuropathy that started in my right foot, I guess getting the flu was a given. So far 2008 is starting out very badly.

To top this off, George has been whining constantly, and I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s eating, drinking and going to the bathroom normally, but he keeps coming up to me whining. I’ll have to drag myself out tomorrow and carry him to the vet. Plus Tom, our outside cat has been gone for over a week and a half. That’s longer then he has every been gone. So I’m worried that something has happened to him.

Plus, plus on top of all that my computer keeps going in and out on me. I think I remember reading earlier that a satellite is coming down at the end of this month. The way things are going; I have no doubt on whose house it will land.

OK this is it! That was the big whine, and I’ll do it no more. From now on I’ll write about happy things and not complain. But geeze, I feel like hell.

Well I’ve got to get back to taking care of Fmom. I hope everyone w/e and week goes well.


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