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Friday, February 15, 2008

Still Chugging Along.

We’re still running with the flu/cold bug here, but Fmom said that today she thinks she feels better. Last night I was pretty worried about her. She was going from the den to her bedroom and had to stop because she couldn’t catch her breath and then there’s all the sweating she has done. I’m changing her bed linens at least once a day because she is perspiring so much. I’ve taken her temperature numerous times and either our digital thermometer is wrong or something, but it shows she isn’t running a temp. I’m beginning to believe our thermometer is wrong. Anyway she says she feels better today, so I’m going with that.

One thing that really made my day today is Tom finally showed back up. He’s usually gone for periods of time, but he was gone for over two weeks. A neighbor told me earlier that he had seen a cat that had been run over that looked like Tom down the road from us. I went to see, but didn’t see any cat. So I was in the mind set that Tom was dead. It’s an understatement to say I was overjoyed to see Tom this morning. I grabbed him up and started rubbing his ears and telling him how happy I was to see him and he keeps looking at me like, “what the hell is the matter with you”? He was fed very well this morning, which I’m hoping will keep him closer to home.

I’m expecting a brother and s-I-l in tonight or tomorrow morning. Plus Fmom said two other brothers might be here this w/e. She said they were talking about re-doing her bathroom to where she has a walk-in shower instead of the bathtub/shower she already has. I’m hoping they weren’t just talking and they do that. I do worry about Fmom when she gets in and out of the shower. I’m always afraid she’ll trip and fall. I figure if they were just talking about it, then it’s time to go into guilt trip mode. I don’t like to use that, but I don’t want them to get her hopes up and then forget about it.

I hope everyone is doing fine and I’m thinking of Andi and hoping she gets back home safe and sound today.

Everyone have a good w/e.


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