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Monday, June 23, 2008

Small Town

I’ve extolled the greatness of living in a small town before, but today sort of bought it back to me again. Fmom and I had gone downtown on an errand and it’s the same road I take every day when I go into downtown. It’s only about two miles from my house to the middle of town. On the way back from town on that same road I thought to myself how great summer was in my small town.

First I left the shop I had stopped by and passed the Library. I saw three people I knew walking out and talking and laughing. Then I turned and drove by the Mennonite bakery. There are a lot of good pastries I’ve bought there and the daily lunches usually have the placed packed. If you aren’t there early, you’re likely to end up in a line with 20 or 30 people waiting for their turn to order. It’s nothing fancy, but the food is very good and it’s always more then you can eat in one setting.

Next I turn down by the High School I graduated from. It has changed considerably in the 38 years since I was there. The big field that separates it from the University is still there and they still have softball games played there. Then I go past the high school gym where I played basketball and remember my high scoring game my senior year. Thirty three points and it seemed like that night I couldn’t miss. A little farther down the road and I hit the downhill 90-degree curve. On the left side of that curve is a small ravine. Sadly before the city put up a guard rail around this curve two college students were killed when their car plunged off. I can never go by that place without thinking about that.

On down the road I see the houses of people I’ve known just about all my life and they’re outside doing their gardening and lawn work. I pass the houses and on my left is the City Park. This week they’re having softball tournaments. So the park is packed with family and fans. A little farther down I pass University Lake. There are people in boats and on the shore fishing. Past that I slow down to go through the “S” curve. When I’m finally straightened out there’s the community center where wedding parties and voting are done. Three quarters of a mile from there is my neighborhood. When I turn into it I can already see our house and neighbors out in lawn. They’re mowing, gardening or playing with their children/grand children. In that short two miles, I see people I know and don’t, landmarks that bring back good and sad memories and a closeness that that makes summer in a small town so nice.

Some people come from small towns and can’t wait to get out. Some will be born there, and except for a few small excursions away, they’ll live and die there. Others will never know what life in a small town is like. I moved away from my small town a little over thirty years ago. I’ve been back for about six years, and although sometimes I wish I had the convenience of living in a city, I’m glad I’m back.


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