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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Different Things.

Hello everyone! Things are chugging along here. We’ve been having a hard time with Fmom’s asthma, and we not to long ago found out she has emphysema. We just got her approved for Oxygen, so I’m hoping that helps her out. She has pretty much kept me running day and night waiting on her. It’s not too bad during the day, but at night getting up just about every hour is taxing.

We had our annual flood and overflow here last week. The water pipe from the main to the house sprang a leak and then the sewer lines overflowed. We got hit with two different things at one time. Luckily we found someone who fixed both problems at a reasonable price. After that it was just cleaning all the bathrooms which was a chore. At least it didn’t do any real damage in the house.

Mary the lawn guy came by the other day, and both Fmom and myself said what a great job he’s doing. I’m glad we found him because I don’t really think I could get the job done now. Plus I’m hoping that if I’m not out there doing anything by the pond, my friends the snakes will forget me and move on. With no rain lately, the lawn is start to turn a nice brown. Whoo Hoo!

Other than that, we’re just trying to get through the summer. I hope everyone is doing fine, and that you’re staying cool.

Take care.


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