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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My Brother and Some Non-Barking Time.

My brother, sil and nephew have been here for about two weeks now and they’re leaving tomorrow for Arkansas. Although it will be nice to get back to some peace and quiet, it has been good to have them here. While I’m not the picture of health, my brother make me look like an Olympic athlete. He’s the one that has had two by-pass surgeries and all sorts of other stuff. Within the last week both of his legs have swollen up very badly. He called his doctor and was told to double the amount of diuretic he usually takes. Well he did and it hasn’t seemed to help. So they’re leaving tomorrow because he has an appointment on Thursday. The swelling of the legs wouldn’t be so bad except that he is a diabetic. I keep thinking that if something goes wrong, he could lose his legs. I’ve been telling him he should go to the emergency room or see some local doctor, but he’s a stubborn person and said he’d wait until he could see his doctor. At least he will be seeing someone by Thursday.

With their leaving tomorrow, I think George will finally wind down on all of his barking. At his age I don’t know how he keeps all the barking going. At my age I don’t know how I put up with all the barking. Although George can be a pain in the A** a lot of time, he’s still my buddy and so I put up with the constant yapping.

I went to my back doctor for an appointment today. I told them how my back has been doing for the last couple of months and after we talked for awhile it was decided that they were going to do another TF LESI (transforaminal (TF) lumbar epidural steroid injections (LESI)). It helps out a lot but only for about a month. So at the last of the month I’ll have my bil drive me to the appointment, they will knock me out with something and then do the injections. It’s really sad that that will be the high point of my month. :)

Well my sil decided to cook tonight and we’re having beef/vegetable stew along with cornbread. Who said you had to be a gourmet to eat well. :O)

Everyone have a good remainder of the night and a good day tomorrow.

Take care,



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