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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Peace and Quiet!

This weekend all the family will be leaving for Orlando, but I’ll be staying home by my own choice. I figured I would do better with some peace and quiet here at home than going down to FL and going through all that. Plus although a lot of stuff would be taken care of by my younger brother, I figured all the money I would have spent down there would be better used and saved for upcoming doctor and dental appointments.

I’ve had my older brother, sil, and great niece and her friend here for almost two weeks. George has been in a constant bark mode, and I’m basically worn out from all the noise and mayhem around the house. I will be more than happy when everyone clears out and it is nice and quiet around here. Also I’ll be happy to have some locked doors in the house. For some reason all of them thinks it’s just fine to leave every door unlocked all night. I got up last night around 12:30 am to get some water and I glanced at the patio door and it was cracked open. I thought what the heck and went over and closed and locked it. I thought then that I had better check all the doors and not a single one of them were locked. As I said in an earlier post we have been having a string of robberies around here. Last week the city hall was broken into and when I got the local weekly paper today they had down the city hall had been burglarized again. It seems that things go in cycles around here and if things go as usual, the robberies will slack off for a year or two and then start back up. What can you do except keep things locked.

I got a call from my sister across the street this morning and she asked me a favor. I told her I would do as she asked but I would not be responsible for the outcome. She has four big ferns that she wants me to water everyday while they are in Orlando. I told her I had never had any luck with plants and I had the opposite of a green thumb, but I said OK. Although I will water them everyday I keep getting this picture in my mind of four pots of brown dead ferns on her return. What ever happens, you can’t say I didn’t warn her.

Well I hope everyone’s week has been going fine and I hope you all have a good weekend coming up. I know I’ll have a good weekend that is once it gets quiet.

Everyone take care.



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