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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ten Things

FAR got picked by his friend Wolly to say 10 honest things about himself, then FAR had to pick seven people who had to say 10 honest things about themselves. My buddy FAR picked me to say 10 honest things about myself. Oh lucky me. It has taken me a little while to get these up, but here they are.

1. I’m stealing one from Wolly and FAR where as I don’t tell it all on the blog. I try to tell the good stories about my family because they might run up on my blog someday, and I never blog about my marriage or divorce because that’s once crazy assed woman I divorced.

2. Only through the kindness of my brothers and sister do I have a roof over my head at the moment. That all could change in the up coming months, so I don’t know if I’ll be here or somewhere else.

3. Since I’ve retired from the military, I’ve really become a very lazy person.

4. Although I grew up on a farm, I hated farm work. I couldn’t wait to get away from the farm and into the city.

5. I’m the most liberal person in my family.

6. I learned when I started college that if I worked really hard I could get good grades. I just didn’t work really hard.

7. I think the military was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. Without it and my retirement insurance I probably wouldn’t be alive right now.

8. This is an old one that everyone knows, but I really do love my family. However, they are a pain in the a** many times.

9. I go to political blogs a lot of times, but I hardly ever comment in the political parts. Mainly because even after all these years I feel I don’t know enough. Also because the first time I ever commented on a political blog I was called stupid. So I just keep quiet and read.

10. I think actually in my opinion I don’t look as old as I sound. While I was in the military when asked my age I was always told I looked 10 years younger than my actual age. Now that I’ve had over 10 years of retirement, it might have swung around the other way to looking 10 years older than my age.

11. I just thought of this one so I'm adding this one in. It goes back to #9 about the political blogs and it might be kind of long. I have yet to understand how people can go to these blogs, regardless if it's left or right, and sometimes thought to be taken seriously. When I read a post or comments where the writers are calling their opponents names, giving insults or worse I sometimes think I'm back in the school yard listening to little kids yelling "My dad is better than yours." I've been to many political blogs where I see just pure hate spewed out. It has gotten me to thinking that no wonder our political system is screwed up. If people on a blog can't sit down and have a thoughtful conversation about a subject without hurling insults or hate then what more do we expect from our elected officials. Just a thought.


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