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Saturday, April 25, 2009

What’s Going On Around Here?

I’ve got rels at the house for the next week or so. It’s my brother that’s had two by pass surgeries and now arterial neck surgery. I’ve been doing more running (hobbling) for he and his wife in the last four days than I have for myself in the last month. I’m glad to see them, but if I had known I would have had to do this much errand running, I think I would have told them to stay with their kids.

George is in continuous bark mode. As I’ve said before, I got George as a puppy from this brother and sil, but George hates and is very afraid of this brother for some reason. My brother has never done anything to George, but that’s just the way George is. I’m sure by the time they leave both George and I will be in need of a long rest.

On Monday I go to see a Cardiovascular Surgeon. It has gotten to the point with my right leg that I can’t walk more than twenty yards without having to stop because my leg will hurt so badly. A Cardiologist explained to me that when my leg hurts, it was from a build up of nitric oxide and that the muscles weren’t getting enough oxygen. So the Cardiovascular Surgeon will determine what has to be done to get more blood flow into my legs and feet. Actually I didn’t expect stuff like this to start happening for another ten to fifteen years, but when you have by pass surgery at fifty years of age, what can you expect.

I’m still trying to get over that dental work done last Wednesday. The people at UAB Dental School did an excellent job, but instead of extracting (pulling) a couple of teeth, they had to dig. It still hurts down into my jaw to the point of my chin. I definitely look like a chipmunk after gathering up a ton of acorns. I’ve decided that if this keeps going the way it is on Monday after I see the Surgeon, I’ll call the dentist and see what can be done. On the bright side, I do think I’m loosing weight.

OK enough doom and gloom. What’s been going on here that upbeat? Well it feels like summer is here. Everything is green and the lawn is mowed. Of course it’s not mowed by me, but it’s done still the same. I’ve gotten to the point of putting new batteries in my camera and I just might make it out the door with the camera. My brother that’s here said he’s going to have someone come over Monday and do all the flowerbeds and get the rest of the lawn looking good. My sil said she is having someone else come over and give the house a complete going over inside. I told them that’s more than fine with me, just as long as I could be my usual slackerly self and do nothing.

Well the brother and sil have called and ordered some food, and I’ve got to go and pick that up for them. So I’ll say, “See Ya”, until next time. I do hope everyone is doing well, and I hope everyone is having an enjoyable w/e.

Take care



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