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Friday, December 05, 2008

Another Long Night.

It appears to be another long night. I finally got my going to sleep time right, but the wake up time is all screwed up. I woke up a little after midnight and now I’m wide-awake. It’s no telling when I’ll get sleepy again. Since I’m awake, I decided to get some cleaning done. Just about gotten the whole kitchen done and then I’ll move on to a different room and start cleaning there.

The Weather Channel is saying we’re at 32F/0C right now. Tonight we’re supposed to get down to 22F/-3C. We’ve seen this range of temperatures before, but not very often. Back in 1989 I returned from Germany and stopped by here to spend Christmas on my way to Texas. We had a very bad ice storm that year. It sounded like shotguns being fired in the front yard from the pine tree branches breaking off the trees. So all in all this isn’t so bad at the moment. I still want snow though.

I hope everyone’s Friday passes fast, and that you all have a good w/e coming up.


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