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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Peace & Quiet – Almost.

Well the brother and sil are getting ready to head back to Arkansas. I keep asking what can I do to help, I’ll carry your bags out to the car and I’ll even start the car for you. As usual they’re taking their time and probably won’t get out of here until tonight. My brother talked to his daughter and she said it was snowing in AR to where they’re going. So I looked it up on the computer and it said rain/snow mix. So to prod them along, I told them they didn’t want to get there in the middle of the night, because it would be all snow and no rain. Of course I’m thinking of them and their safety. OK 99% I’m thinking of them…….well maybe a 60/40 split. OK, OK, OK – I’m just ready for them to get the hell out of here. :)

This year is the first year that my brother’s friend (BF) and his girl friend (GF) spent the holiday with us. I know how everyone always tells me to get the kids and rels off their butts to help clean up after they mess up here. Well the GF surprised me and made me feel bad too. She’s the type that has to keep moving and doing stuff all the time. I felt bad because she was doing so much around the house. Last night before they left, she wouldn’t leave until she had every dish done, the kitchen cleaned (even swept and mopped) and everything just in order. I kept telling her that this was a holiday and they were visiting and she shouldn’t worry about all of that. I told her to just relax and that once everybody was gone that I would get everything back in order. She just told me that she had to be doing something. So being the kind fellow that I am and not wanting to make anyone feel uncomfortable, I told her to go ahead and that if she had any spare time all the windows needed to be washed. I do love to make people happy.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold. They’re even predicting some flurries for the morning. However, right now I’ve got the windows up in my room and it’s quiet comfortable. Probably later on this evening I’ll have to get the heater on.

Hope the rest of the day is good for everyone and take care.


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