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Monday, March 30, 2009


I had to go to the florist shop for my 16 y.o. nephew on Friday. The school here had their prom on Saturday. My nephew doesn’t go to that school anymore since his parents moved up near B’ham. However, a girl here asked my nephew if he would be her date to the prom. So he and his parents came home Saturday and stayed over at my sister’s house. My sister and his parents were hovering all around him making sure that everything was perfect for his first prom. Heck I even hobble over there and gave him a few pointers myself. Anyway, I can see how things have changed just by what I had to pick up for him at the florist. During my prom days, you went and got a corsage that was usually in a plastic box. This was pinned to your date’s dress and that was that. It seems now that they hold flowers in their hands. I picked up six pink roses with some frilly shinny stuff around them and the stems clipped about four to six inches down. The florist is a girl that was in my class in high school, and I told her that I thought I was picking up a corsage. She laughed and said, “Oh FM, things have changed since our time.” I thought they certainly have. I wasn’t over there when he was finally ready and left for his date, but I’m sure his mother, father, aunt and uncle had everything under control. Since I didn’t get to see my nephew after his date, I talked with my sister today and she told me that my nephew was very nervous at first, but he settled down and had a very good time.

Someday I might write about my senior prom. It was a sad/sweet sort of thing for me.

Hope everyone has been doing good and that the bad weather is over for all.

Take care


Oh BTW, I finally found my glasses. Keeping in mind that I wasn't in any altered state of mind, I found them in the freezer. Go figure. :)


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