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Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Long Night.

I don’t know why I do this, but sometimes when I have an appointment in the mornings, I’m not able to get to sleep. Then when it only three or four hours before I had planned to wake up, I’ll start worrying that if I go to sleep now, I won’t hear the alarm and I’ll over sleep.

So I have a dental appointment in B’ham this morning and in a couple of hours my alarm clock will go off to wake me up. Obviously I’m not even going to try and catch a nap now. In two hours I’ll start drinking coffee and start getting ready for the trip. If the appointment were in my town or even thirty minutes away, I wouldn’t worry about it. But I have to drive up past B’ham to my brother’s house. He lives about two and half-hours away from here. The reason for this is they’re going to give me Nitrous for these extractions. So I have to have a driver to take me home. My brother has taken a day off from work so he could do this, and I’ve thanked him over and over for doing this.

So after the oral surgery is done, I won’t be coming right back home. My brothers and sister have insisted that I spend the night at my brother’s house. My sister told me that in case I started bleeding or something happened that they wanted me near the dentist in B’ham, not two and half-hours away. I’m usually the most logical one in the family, and I hate it when logic is turned back on me. However, I’ve been thinking, and I’m just not looking at this the right way. This is the way I should have been looking at it.

When I get back to my brother’s house, I’ll be in a lot of pain and after being up all night, well I’ll need people that will wait on me hand and foot. I can see it now. I’ll call for my brother to bring me a glass of ice water. When he gets there with the ice water, I’ll tell him that there’s not enough ice in the glass and would he go and put one more cube in. If he starts to complain, I’ll just put my hand on my cheek and moan how bad it hurts. Then I’ll remind him of each and every single thing I’ve ever done for him in his life. Although Andi tells me that I don’t come close to the guilt trips her mother can do, I still think that through the haze of pain I might have a good time today. :)

Well it’s time to start drinking coffee and getting ready for that long trip. I hope everyone has a good day today.


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