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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Day of Slackdom - Maybe

I was thinking yesterday that I need to put something up on this blog. I didn’t, but I was thinking about. I’ve heard some professional writers say that they would get up every morning and start writing. I can understand. It seems my mind starts shutting down after about 4:00 pm. I need to be in a time zone where I could talk to all my late night friends when I’m just getting up.

So what’s going on around here today?

The AC man called yesterday and said they would be here this morning. They have been waiting on a part and he said it would be here today. We’re first on his list. His son had come in and done the initial work. That was the first time I have met him and I’ve found he’s like his father and I like him too. Actually I feel bad about calling the elder. I found out he had fallen of a roof while on a job and was in the hospital for a month. He had always been really good to my Mom before I moved here and then to both of us since I’ve been here. He’s back to his old self, but I wish I had known about his accident before I called.

Other than that,

The carpet is almost completely dried. I don’t see any repercussions from the flood.
The ceiling in my room will be fixed soon.
My relatives will be leaving today or tomorrow, but probably will be back next week. That’s another story I’ll have to tell someday.
I’m back in George’s good graces after his bath.
And, my Mom seems to be doing OK.

No emergencies have popped up so far today. It’s starting to dawn here, the birds are chirping and I feel a day of slackdom coming up, but it’s never a sure thing.


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