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Monday, June 05, 2006


My Mom told me a story the other day. She didn’t mean it to be, but it was one of a lesson.

It begins with my Nephew who just got married, they had the farmhouse all repainted and a big tent in a field besides the house for the reception. My Mom told me while in the tent, she thought to herself, God did I ever think I would be here?

She went on to tell me of the day my father left for WWII. My grandparents, aunts and her had taken him to the train station. They had all come home and my Mom was on the way upstairs. My grandmother, ever the wise one, had called to her and said we’ve got to keep busy. So my Mom goes with her out to the garden to work beside my Grandmother digging up potatoes. The tent was on the exact same spot where my grandmother’s garden used to be. My Mom said while at the reception they were playing some old music, music from when she was young, and she said she thought to herself, God did I ever think I would be here?

My Mom lived with my grandparents and aunts during the time my father was gone. They worried about my father and never stopped. She went on to tell me that on the day they got the telegram he was coming home, she ran out onto the field where my grandparents were picking up pecans. She showed them the telegram and all were very emotional. She said my grandfather said he had thought he would never see his only son again.

The old house is still there and the field with my grandmother’s garden and pecan trees is still there. One generation has gone, still another has come through and are leaving, and yet there are still others of this generation that will see that field and not know what that field has meant in the life of a few people and the memories of an old woman. To me it has bought me closer to my Mother, my Father and my Grandparents.

My Mom now has me drive her out from time to time to look at the old farmhouse and to the family cemetery. She gets out of the car occasionally, but mostly it’s sitting outside the gate and remembering. I know she thinks one day she’ll join my Father, Grandparents and Great grandparents. All the way back to my first ancestor that came here. It’s always a bittersweet experience to take her there, because one day I know she’ll be there, just as I will too. It does give me a feeling of peace though. To know that amongst this land and place of rest so many of my ancestors have come and gone. To know, both good and bad, that they had lived their lives here and what it meant to them. I’m within a continual cycle that my family has kept going, and it brings me peace. It brings me that continually that only a family can give you. My cycle is over half way done and my Mom’s is nearing the end. My brothers, sister, nephew and nieces I hope will continue that cycle. It’s one that has made me happy and at peace. I can only hope future generations will feel the same.

Did I ever think I would be here? No I didn’t, but I’m glad I am.


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