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Thursday, May 25, 2006


What do I plan to do today? I plan to host the café at Booman’s Tribune. A great Progress/Liberal site filled with plenty of insightful and brilliant political commentary. The Café is a place where everyone is welcomed. Great breakfasts and when happy hour get going, watch out. Where else will I be today? Here’s my Thursday’s Blogroll.

Katiebirds Eat 4 Today. If you want to make a commitment for a healthier life style or you want to do something Just for Today (J4T), this is the place to go. KB and everyone there are always ready to help.

Olivia’s Parvus Opus – What can I say about this place. I’m running out of adjectives for beauty, art, and wonderful. Olivia not only shows you, but also makes you want to stop and start looking closer at flowers and nature. Wonderful – Uh oh, used that word again.

Manny’s Man Eegee - Latino Politico - Cheesecake, I just can’t get enough of it over at Manny’s place. But that’s not the main reason I’m over there. Manny and every writer there brings up very important issues that needs to be heard. Thank Manny. There's also Bud. Once you see Bud, ya just can't get enough. Check out Friday Bud Blogging.

Puget4’s Finding Beauty – Puget always find beauty whether it’s eye opening Wild Daisy shots or magnificent vistas. I’m still waiting for her to get her Captain’s license so I can see all the beauty she sees in her sailing.

DuctapeFatwa’s Enemy of the State – Maybe you agree with him, maybe you don’t, but Ductape will make you think. What more could a writer ask for? I said this last week and I’ll say it again. A very wise and humorous man, who speaks his mind and doesn’t know the meaning of a short rant.

Diane’s Village Blue - A village of nice, caring and spiritual people. It’s a warm cozy place where there is always a welcome and a village where people really do care.

FARfetched’s Tales from FAR Manor - Congratulations on your one-year blog anniversary. I know I’m hooked of Tales from FAR Manor. As I’ve said before he’s a multiple genius with much more patience than I'll ever have. FAR Manor is always a daily stop.

Boran2’s Survivor Left Blogistan – Congratulations to you also Boran2 on your one-year blog anniversary. To put it in Boran2’s words, he’s a regular guy interested in seeing the return of ethics to the federal government. Couldn’t agree with ya more and this is also a daily visit for me.

While you’re here leave a note if ya can, eh?


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