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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lulled Into Eating a Router.

I ordered a router a month and a half ago. First delivery got screwed up and I had to reorder. I was going to call yesterday to see what was going on and it came in before I called. All is well and good.

I take it out of the shipping box and start thinking this isn’t what I wanted. I wanted something to where I could carry my laptop around the house our outside. My laptop has a built in wi-fi and I didn’t think this was going to work. So I call the companies help line and give them all the info and said before I install it, will it work? Put on hold and wait, wait, wait and then told yes it will work. I was told to lets confirm that. I told them I had not installed it, and I would call back if there were any problems. Problems.

I call back and I give all info again and I’m told no that model won’t work and I’ll have to get this other model number. I ask about returning this and was given an 800 number to call and an extension. I’m wait for their computer to be updated and then call back. I get a voice saying you need to call this number. I’m thinking why would they give me a wrong number to call? I call that number and it’s a sex line. I’m thinking WTF. I look again at the number they gave me and I had transposed some of the numbers. So I call the number, give the extension and talk to a very nice person that says the number I was given for the different router isn’t even a valid number. I told him I repeated it twice to the other person. He told me wait and he would find me the right number. So I wait, wait, wait, wait and he comes back on and gives me two numbers. I said OK, I just want to see how to send this back and get what I need. He says let me send you to Customer Service.

Many rings later, a woman with a very sexy voice answers the line. I tell her what’s happening and she all “Ooooh I am sooo sorry.” I was lulled into a state of whatever you say. “Yes I’ll eat the router and see if it works.” “Sure I’ll jump up and down and turn around twice.” I know you’re sorry, but it’s not that big a deal.”

Well every question I had she didn’t answer and I have to go back through the people I ordered it through. She told me if there are any problem what her name was, the 800 number and extension. I thanking her profusely even though she didn’t help and I stop. I look at the number and extension and it’s the exact same number and extension I was given earlier. I told her so and asked what’s going on. She said sometimes customer service gets backed up and other people take the calls. After being lulled into another trance by her voice, I say OK and hang up. Later after coming out of the trance, I decided she must be a blocker. You got a fairly nice middle aged man that you can’t or won’t answer his questions, then shoot him over to her. She’ll have him thanking them for the wrong piece of equipment, and asking for them to send two more.

Ultimately I know it’s my fault because I didn’t do my research and make sure. So I broke a cardinal rule of slacking. Efficiency makes more time for slacking. So if I had done a little bit, just a little bit of work, I wouldn’t have to be doing all of this now.

The quest continues and I’ll start calling other places today, but I feel I’m stuck with another piece of equipment I can’t use. I might call back that girl with the voice to hear, “Ooooh I am sooo sorry.” Better not thought, I can’t use two more routers.


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