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Friday, May 19, 2006

mp3 Players & the Meaning of Life.

You ever figure out how to do something on the computer and you’re really happy after all that work. You do what after hours of trying everything you can do, finally figured it out, and think OK I’ve got this down now. Then you go to other things.

A while back I figured out how to sync my generic mp3 player with my songs and I decided it was easy and I knew what to do. I don’t. I’ve been trying to get new songs on it this morning and can’t remember the steps I went through. The old rediscovering the wheel type thing.

I finally gave up. I went over to windows explorer and deleted all the old ones in the mp3 player and transferred one by one each new song I wanted. Very time consuming.

Now to my other complaint. How do people keep those little ear buds in their ears? They always keep popping out on me.

When I was a kid I felt a great affiliation with Dumbo. I figured out ears were about the same and I was always disappointed I couldn’t wiggle my ears. I wanted to fly. So to say ear buds the size of oranges should fit into my ears is pretty nearly right. But the little ones won’t. I’ve got some little headphones, but I’m not going to wear those. Just doesn’t present the ultra hip, cool look that I project so well.

What do I do? One of those sweat bands covering my ears. Nope not cool. I could do a small drop of superglue, but even I’m not that stupid.

So today I’ll nap and contemplate the complexities of the universe. Mp3 players and ear buds will be at the top of my list. I know the two play some part in the meaning of life.


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