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Monday, May 15, 2006


Yes, Thank God it’s Monday. Almost all the family has gone back to their homes and there will be a little peace and quiet for awhile. Which means, oh yea, back to getting the house back in order and (he shudders uncontrollably) the lawn and weedeating.

My 3 y.o. great nephew just knocked on the door and wanted to know if “Gorg” (George) and I were awake. I think George’s barking was a dead give away. I sat with him in my lap for awhile watching cartoons. He then decided it was time to go and get his grandparents fully awake. I told him to get up on that bed and shake them until they’re all awake. He has too much stuff to do today to let them sleep. I could have been really mean and told him to start jumping on and down on them to get them awake, but didn’t. Actually I’ll be back in awhile, that’s not a bad idea.


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