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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Drop by everywhere!

Today I’m hosting over at Booman Tribune’s, the Froggy Bottom Café. Look down on the left at the Blogroll. Visit over there, but while you’re at it look at:

Katiebirds Eat 4 Today. A lot of good information and very friendly people to help you with food or health concerns.

Olivia’s Parvus Opus is flower photography taken to an art form. No one and I mean no one, can leave her site and not be moved by her art.

Manny’s Man Eegee - Latino Politico. If you like cheesecake, a dog named Bud (Who I hope to talk into living with me one day) and excellent political commentary, then this is the place.

Puget4’s Finding Beauty Everywhere is exactly what it says. From beautiful flowers, to magnificent vistas and becoming the Captain of a ship she finds beauty where ever she goes.

DuctapeFatwa’s Enemy of the State. A very wise and funny man, who speaks his mind and doesn’t know the meaning of a short rant.

Diane’s Village Blue is so warm and inviting. It’s a Village that is a home and once you’ve been there, you never want to leave.

FARfetched’s Tales from FAR Manor covers the trials and tribulations of family life, to haiku, to techie stuff. The man is a multiple genius.

While you’re here leave a note if ya can.


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