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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Snake and the Weedwacker.

The last couple of days I’ve had some energy and I’ve gotten out and got the lawn mowed and I was doing weedeating today. Everything was going great. The line on the weedeater wasn’t constantly breaking and I was in the groove to where I was making straight lines around the driveway and house. Usually it looks like I go two feet into the yard and then back to the curb.

Well everything is still going great and I’m down by the pond. I’m listen to my mp3 player and I still don’t know how people keep those bud things in their ears, but during my point of being in the groove, I look down at my feet and a black shape about four feet long slithers by my foot into the pond. Now not being total dense, I realize it’s a water moccasin. I being the brave soul I am scream out holy s**t and jump about four feet off the ground. I still don’t know if the weedeater is out there running and I don’t intend to check for a while.

So far since yesterday it’s:

Snakes – 2

FM – 0.

It’s just turned into a very slackful day.

I just figured out what I'm going to do tomorrow. My brother has these hip waders and I have a rake with a really long handle on it. I'm going to put on the hip waders and carry the rake out to about ten feet from the pond. I'll first ask politely for any snakes there to leave. Then I'll start beating the ground with the rake. I know a good ten foot distance is safe enough, but I'll have to keep getting in closer. Now if the snake decides to stand it's ground or God forbid investigate me, then I'm outta there.

Added: The weedeater is still out here and it must have run out of gas. It will stay until I have full protective equipment on tomorrow.

A different view of the pond today.

It's going to start raining here soon. I just wished it had started this morning. Would have saved me a near heart attack.


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