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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dog Hair and the Space-Time Continuum

I experienced a little space-time continuum zap this morning and it got me to thinking about dog hair. I never said I was completely rational.

When you have an indoor dog or cat, during the summer you are continually brushing. With George it's just like baths. I get the brush, I run him down, which is not small task, and put him in my lap and brush. George hates to be brushed, so he’s always squirming, turning from side to side; he generally gives me the impression I’m going to pay for this. So to say I do a really good job is not true. I get as much hair as I can, but I know there’s just a little bit left.

Now to the space-time continuum. I vacuum everyday or thereabout. I brush George everyday or thereabout. But instead of a few strands of hair, there are clumps that appear from nowhere. I mean they appear in rooms that George doesn’t even go in. I just can’t figure that one out. Sometimes I don’t know if they just appear or if George can do this at will? I wonder if after a brushing he thinks you made me mad so a clump here and clump there. I’ll even put a clump where you would never think to look. Hah.

Now I know there are many mysterious, magical, scientifically unexplained things in the universe. But dog hair, come on! So what’s the solution? George is getting a haircut. My quandary is do I pull out an old pair of clippers and end up with George looking really ragged, or do I take him to a coiffeur in a salon. The first I pay nothing and go through a lot of physical work. Not to my liking, plus George will be mad at make for about a week. The second, I pay an outrageous price, let George get mad at the groomer and I come in like I’m his saviour. He’ll be so happy to see me, he forgets I’m the one that took him there.

So while I ponder this situation, I’ll go and get the vacuum and start my daily hair collection, followed by George’s daily brushing.

Have a good day all.


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