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Friday, May 26, 2006

Snow and Grass

I slacked pretty much yesterday. Today its back to the grind. More brushing George, vacuuming up dog/cat hair and I hate to even think about it, but out to the yard.

Why is it that grass, weeds and everything grows during the summer? I understand the reason, but the summer drains me when I go out. The winter seems to make me want to do things. Could be just trying to stay warm, but I don’t think so. I guess just like my body clock that wakes me up every morning whether I want it to or not, I also have a season clock. I don’t think I’m unusual in this. A lot of people enjoy winter much more than summer.

So as usual my timing, planning and everything goes to the wayside and I’m living in the land of the long, hot and humid summers. I choose here for different reasons but just a little longer winter is all I ask. Maybe a little snow to cover the yard. Why can’t grass grow through snow? Be out there when my seasonal clock is telling me, get out there and do something. But noooooo, it has to be during the summer.

So I’ll plod through the summer with ever increasing weeds and grass. I’ll battle the heat and humidity and tell myself, this is good for me. I’m up to 30 minutes at a time now outside. Just imagine July and August, maybe five minutes. A lot of weeds can get pulled in five minutes, and if you think this is a whine, just wait, you ain’t heard nothing yet.


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