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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Birthday Party

This weekend went pretty slow for us. The new niece didn’t make it down home, because her parents just got her home and didn’t want to take her out. I can understand that. This coming weekend she’ll be here though because the family is throwing a combined birthday lunch form Fmom and I. Over the weekend I turned 54 and week after next Fmom turns 81. Since I’ve been back home they’ve done this every year. It will be sort of like Thanksgiving or Christmas with everyone from the oldest to the youngest showing up. The only exception is that after all the B’day goings on everyone will head back home.

Fmom has already started worrying about it. She’s already told me in the morning she has to call the beauty parlor to get and appointment and she told me I could use a hair cut also. I’m hoping this weight loss I’ve had of lately will still be here so I can get into some of my better clothes.

Just like with every Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and our Birthdays I always wonder will we be here for the next ones. I retired around home because I wanted to be near and get to know my family again. Almost as soon as I moved back my oldest sister passed away. So now especially with Fmom getting older, each family get together holds a little more special meaning.


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