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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The New Niece and Rearranging

Well my Nephew, Niece-in-law and Grand Niece are coming to see us this weekend. My Grand Niece has been out of the hospital a couple of days now and the doctors say she’s doing fine. If she isn’t used to getting her picture taken yet, before she leaves this weekend she will be. I can see another picture game coming on in the house. I do this just to get one of my s-I-l’s goat when she comes.

In the small living room there’s a build-in book case where Fmom has pictures of all the family. My s-I-l always ends up rearranging the pictures and her grandchildren are all out front and the rest in the back. It’s actually kind of funny because she does this at night when everybody is asleep and since I’m the first one up every morning, I’ll rearrange them back. I guess one of the reasons I do this is because when she comes to the house she takes over and no matter if Fmom or I have things set the way we want, she goes through and starts putting and placing things as she would like them. Fmom has gotten used to it over the years, but I haven’t, so to miss with her mind a little bit, I let her get things arranged the way she wants and I’ll change one or two things a day while they’re here. I usually end up putting everything back the way Fmom and I had it when she leaves, but that can take a few days on finding everything.

I’ve found that’s one of my big problems living back at home with relatives coming and going all the time. Nothing is ever where you put it and when you can’t find something it has usually been borrowed without being asked for. Now I’ve got an ironclad rule I stick to when I borrow something. When you return something you borrowed it has to be in the same condition or better condition if possible. I figure that’s just common courtesy and if you ever want to borrow something from someone again, they’ll remember in what condition you bought said borrowed thing back.

I have to admit that’s one thing I loved about living by myself. I always knew where things were. In sticking with the slacker’s creed the less time you spend looking for something the more time you have to slack. I guess smarter minds than mine could come up with something about efficiency, but to me it come back to slacking.

So how did this story go from my new niece visiting to pictures moved to borrowing things? I don’t know really, but it will be nice to see the niece and play some head games with my s-I-l.


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