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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

George's Silent Killers.

I’ve come to a conclusion about George. I got to switch the food he’s eating or either stop him from sleeping on the bed with me. For people who have never had a dog sleep on the bed with them, then there are a few surprises, especially when they get older.

Not trying to be indelicate, but as of the last week or so George has found a new way to get my attention. Flatulence! If I’m lying on the bed and he wants something, most of the time he whines. He’ll start whining and if I don’t jump up he lets out a silent killer. For such a small dog, George can fill a room. I fear it’s my own fault for him doing this because I do jump up when he perfumes the air. However, at night when I’m asleep I do have a problem. You would think you wouldn’t wake up, but these bring you awake. Plus George has gotten into the habit of sleeping with his back end pointing toward my head. Now if he was down at the foot of the bed that might not be as bad. But once I fall asleep, George get up on the pillow besides mine. Have you ever woken up and the first thing you see is a dog’s back end. Not a pretty sight.

I was thinking the other day and wondering if they have Gas-X for dogs. It looks like I’m heading in that direction. Regardless as I’ve said before, you gotta love a face like that.


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