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Friday, November 27, 2009

Post T’giving.

I was right and we had 30 out at the farmhouse yesterday. We had the usual fried turkey, baked turkey, ham, casseroles of untold numbers, cakes and pies. My youngest brother bought a new cooker for his turkey. He called it an oil-less turkey fryer. It looks like a regular turkey fryer that is hooked up to a propane gas bottle. This was the first time he used it and we all weren’t sure how the turkey would turn out. While he was cooking the turkey in it, I had a question for him about it. I asked how could you call it a fryer if it doesn’t fry? He started to give me this long convoluted explanation, but I told him he was baking a turkey using indirect heat. After awhile we put an end to that world-shattering question. Then it came to the question of frying in oil versus indirect heat frying (I know it’s not frying, but……). With the oil frying I was told the meat is juicer, but since this was the first turkey on the indirect heat fryer, we didn’t know how dry or juicy it would be. Everyone I asked about this question said they didn’t like dry turkey. I told them it really didn’t matter to me, because the majority of turkey I would eat would be afterward in sandwiches. I told them that as long as I could slap some Miracle Whip on bread the turkey could be as dry as it wanted. Anyway, my brother’s turkey came out really good. It was just as juicy as the oil fried one and it was browned to perfection. So I saw two things going for the oil-less turkey fryer. One, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying all that oil to fry with, plus you don’t have to worry about the disposing of the oil. Two, it sort of gives you the feeling of being outside and frying the turkey. I’m not sure if that’s one of those pre-historic things about being outside cooking meat over a fire. I myself am happy to be in a warm house with the turkey in an oven. However, the turkey was good.

Back at the house I woke up this morning with George barking like crazy because the four dogs outside of my room were barking. With 8 adults, 4 kids, 5 dogs and 6 puppies here at the house, I knew when I took George out that the house would be a wreck. I was right. With the exception of George and me all the adults, kids, dogs and puppies are my brother’s family and guest. So I decided not to even worry about the place getting cleaned up. I’m leaving that all to them. I found out yesterday, the puppies aren’t even 4 days old. They’re full-blooded Cocker Spaniels and all girls. George hasn’t even seen them, but the four other dogs in the house have him jumpy. I took him out to play with them earlier and they all wanted to play. George just barked at them and then ran back into my room. He wouldn’t even come out when I was calling for him. George has never been socialized with other dogs, so I think he’s afraid of them. I think everybody will be leaving here on Sunday so things will finally quieten down some. I feel the inner curmudgeon coming out, so Sunday will be a good day.

I hope everybody had a good T’giving and to the ones travelling be careful.

Take care



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