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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

X-mas Decorating

Everybody is getting ready for X-mas. My sil is in the living room putting up the X-mas tree and decorating right now. Since it will be her kids and grandkids that will fill up the house during X-mas, she likes to have the whole house done and decorated before they get here. I on the other hand remember when I was small and my grandmother would wait until all the children and grandchildren were there and we would all together do the decorating. I much more prefer the waiting until everyone is here mode.

I was telling a friend today about how much family traditions means to me. Anyone who has read my blog for awhile knows I preach traditions all the time. I was looking through some stuff of mine the other day and I came across my X-mas tree.

I have lived a fair amount of time on my own. So instead of buying a real or fake tree for myself, I decided to miniaturize the X-mas tree at least. I’ve had this tree probably going on 25 years now, and whenever I’m living by myself I’ll put this tree on my mantle piece or coffee table and that will be my decorating. I figure I’ve done a number of things by doing this. One, I’ve not killed a tree. Two, I’ve saved money by not spending a lot of decorations. And three, the most important, it’s the most damned slackerly thing I can think to do for decorating.

So all in all I’m keeping with my tradition of X-mas, and I’m keeping with my tradition of slacking. It amazes me sometimes how doing so little can feel so right some times.


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