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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Uncle B’s Golf Cart.

From a long time back my youngest brother has had a golf cart parked inside the carport. Fmom’s house is right by a golf course and my youngest brother fell in love with the game. He’s the only one in the family that did. After playing for a number of years he finally saved up enough money to buy a used golf cart. As time passed he played golf less and less with family and work taking up his time, but the golf cart remained in the carport. Even after he and his family moved away the golf cart remained. Now here’s why the golf cart is so important.

When my girls were small the first thing they asked about when we were coming home was could we ride in Uncle B’s golf cart. They liked seeing all the relatives, but the golf cart was the most important thing. Uncle B never had any qualms about the children using the golf cart. With the smallest ones he would put them in his lap and let them steer while he worked the pedals. The little bit older ones he would let them drive by themselves, but they had to go around and around the house never going out on the road. Then the older children who knew how to watch for cars in the neighborhood could go out on the road. My children are grown now and they still remember the golf cart. My nephews and nieces are grown too and they remember. Now it’s my great nephews and nieces who are asking about Uncle B’s golf cart. They look forward to that old golf cart as much as my girls did. All this time Uncle B could have sold the golf cart and gotten some of his money back from it, and I don’t know why he didn’t. But I do know that every time the children come home they seek out their Uncle B and ask can they ride the golf cart. As I said, I don’t know why he hasn’t gotten rid of it, but I like to think he knows how much it means to the kids every time they come home.


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