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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The House.

As usual in this house, something has gone wrong again. Three weeks ago it was a sewer clog. Today it’s the heater isn’t working. I guess I’m looking at these things in a different light now. In about a month I have to be out of this house into another place. My siblings decided this house needs to be sold, so I’ve been calling around to some places in town. Most of the places in town are out of my price range even though they aren’t that expensive. The places that do have openings for some reason won’t take pets. As I told my siblings, I don’t care if I have to live out of the car, I’m not getting rid of George. Plus George has been a one-person dog all his life, and I know he wouldn’t put up with anyone else.

I’m sort of looking forward to moving. I’ve said before that I always enjoyed living by myself. One reason is that I don’t have to worry about finding stuff. What I mean is that since I’ve lived here, if I have a certain place that I put something so I’ll know it’s there when I want it again, it’s never there when I look for it again. For the cooks out there, I know in your kitchens you place your dishes and cookware in certain places and you know they are always there. When I first moved here I did most of the cooking. I set up the kitchen a couple of times where I knew where things were. Usually within two days the entire kitchen was re-arranged and it would take forever to find something. That applies for just about anything of mine that was outside of my room. Now most of you know how slackerly I am. I’ve always thought that when you know where everything is, you expend less energy looking for things and in my search for perfect slackdom that makes sense.

So with a new smaller place, I’ll know where everything is and since the place will be smaller I’ll even have less area I’ll have to walk to find things. Plus, Plus, Plus – If I rent a place I won’t have a lawn to worry about – WOO HOO!!!!!!!

Well I hope everyone is doing fine and staying warm.

Take care



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