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Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Clipping Adventures.

I’m off on an adventure that I’ve started many times before, but I could never master the mental gymnastics or the organizational skills necessary to keep the adventure going. I went ahead and signed up last night for this arduous journey in front of me, not knowing if I have the will power and presence’s of mind to endure the incessant clipping, the calendar date hopping or the filing capabilities needed for this journey.

Now you’re probably wondering what great adventure am I starting? Well I’ll tell you. I decided to start clipping coupons again. I’ve already gotten about half a box full and I signed up on a web site last night. The thing that got me started again on this was a news program I watched about a woman that did some serious coupon clipping. If I remember correctly the program gave her $450.00 dollars to spend for groceries. She went through the store and packed two shopping carts full and after all the coupons were counted she had to pay a total of around $35.00.

Now I’ve gone through the process of clipping coupons before and if they have instant coupons that you can tear off the product and redeem during check out, well sure I’d do that. But the clipping and organizing just never took hold. So as I said above, I’ll see if I have the will power and presence’s of mind to keep this going. Instead of running low at the end of the month, I expect to have a refrigerator and pantry full of groceries. I’m expecting to have every empty shelf filled to the brim. I’ll have so much food that I’ll start eating and possibly in the following months I’ll become quite rotund weight wise. Or on the other hand I might remain skinny with a potbelly. Anyway it will be a new adventure and it will be a slackerly endeavor. So I figure that will be right down my alley.

I hope everyone is doing good and remember to keep clip, clip, clipping away, well as long as it’s done in a slackerly manner. Take care.



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