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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gotta a Cold and Grumpy

Why do people get grumpy when they feel bad? I’ve got a cold and I’m feeling grumpy and blah at the same time. I’ve been taking all the medicines and nostrums. None of them do what they promise, none make you feel better. I’m beginning to believe just taking nothing would work just as well.

I usually get two bad colds a year. At the beginning of summer and the beginning of winter, I know I’ll have one. Used to be, I would have to go into work with colds. I’ve never understood that. Why make someone go into work, when they feel really bad and also when they’ll spread the cold around. Why not just say; take a couple of days off. I know some people would abuse this, but I think the majority would be grateful.

But things have changed and I can stay at home, take my medicines and stay in bed. The only thing about that is there are still things that have to be done around the house. So if you’re sick at home or sick at work you still have things to do. The only thing you can do is trudge ahead.

I guess I’m grumpy because I have to trudge ahead, whether at work or at home, you still have things to do. Whenever some one else gets a cold I’ll try to be understanding, but today, I’m grumpy and don’t care.


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