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Monday, May 21, 2007


It appears the brothers and sister decided this weekend was the weekend for everyone to come home. All the presents Fmom was going to get on Mother’s day she got this weekend. I think she likes that better. Having the kids come to her instead of going someplace else to celebrate. We did luck out on one thing. My brother and his family are members of a local bar-b-que club. So since he was part of the group serving this weekend, he got a lot of bar-b-que to bring home. He dropped off two packs to us. Fmom was saying that one pack was for my oldest brother that couldn’t make it, but I don’t think that pack will make the wait until my brother get back here.

I just took George out and we’ve got smoke again. I don’t know if it’s coming again from the GA/FL fires, but it fairly thick. I just looked and the fires there are about 485 miles away from us. Hard to believe the smoke came that far. This is a picture I just took of the pond. It ain’t fog.

Click to enlarge.

I'm hoping we get some wind here soon to clear this out, but the weather is saying wind will be light and variable. We might have this around for a couple of days. Not really good for FMom's asthma, or anyone one else for that matter.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday.



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