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Monday, May 14, 2007

Low Maintenance Lifestyle.

I was reading FARfetched blog, Tales from FAR Manor, this morning, and he was talking about a book that seems to be opening up a new realm of slackdom to me. I’ve just started reading it, but it appears it's right down my alley, and if there was ever a reason for slackdom, then it’s here in this book.

Here’s what FARfetched worte:

Family Man describes himself as a slacker, but I’ll bet Dolly Freed could teach even him a thing or three. Back in 1975 or so, at age 19, she wrote a book called Possum Living (link to full text) about the extremely low-maintenance lifestyle she and her father lived. I wish I’d run across this book when I got out of college — it could have changed my life. It would be interesting to see whether she’s still living that ultra-slackerly lifestyle now at age 50-ish, and what improvements she might have made on it.
As with everything and everybody, I don't agree with everything she has written, but she sounds like she had more slackerly sense at 19 then I do now in my 50's.

Thanks FARfetched!


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