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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Lawn, The TV And A New Grandpa

Yesterday a slight miracle happened. My brother has a friend that does lawn and he sent him over here to finish off the rest of our lawn. He asked me what I wanted done and I showed him everywhere I didn’t get and I put emphasis on the weeds down by the pond. The guy did a decent job, with the exception he didn’t have a leaf catcher. So I’ll have to go out and do that.

Yesterday evening I took George down to the pond, along with my trusty long stick to beat on the ground in front of us. No snakes were present. So we stand out there and look for awhile and the first thing I spot in the water is a snake about 20 feet away coming our way. I didn’t yell this time, but I did scoop up George from a running gallop and high tailed it to the door. I’m beginning to think these snakes have a sense of humor. I’m thinking they’re playing let us see who can give FM the next heart attack.

Today all the brothers are supposed to be here to help move Fmom’s TV. She has one of these huge TVs that if it was on the roof people in the next state could see. The only problem is it’s in the den. For her to get to it she has go to down two steps. Since she fell back in Sep, I’ve counted her falling about 10 time and half of those were getting down into the den. Thank goodness nothing serious has happened, but now we’ve decided to move it up to the formal living room where there are no steps to traverse. Fmom was telling me last night that the TV was staying where it was at and it wasn’t getting moved. If think if all of us children gang up, er show her the logic of this, she’ll finally agree.

Finally I found out I’m going to be a grandfather again. My oldest told me she thought she is eight week pregnant, but she’s going to the doctor on Wednesday. I’ve been coming up with nicknames likes little FM and Grandpa’s Little Slacker. I don’t think they will buy off on them though.



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