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Monday, April 09, 2007

The Magic.

Easter has come and gone and Fmom and I stayed home yesterday because we weren’t feeling well. Everyone met at my niece’s house and they had an Easter Egg hunt for my two youngest nieces. When my daughters were small we would have the big Easter baskets made up for them and we would get flour and dip our pointer and middle fingers in it, and make tracks around the house so they would think the Easter Bunny had been looking for them. I always loved doing that stuff. So they could keep a little of the mystery and wonder going as long as they could. Goodness knows it goes to fast for children now. Or either it’s always been like that and some parents just don’t grow up and want to keep the mystery and wonder going on and on for their children. It never does work though, because someone in school will tell the truth.

So the eternal question. Do you keep the magic going and later on have them ask you why you lied to them, or do you tell them the truth and never let them have Santa or the Easter Bunny.

I go for the magic myself.


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