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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Azaleas Blooming

Things here have been going pretty slow. My brother is finally out of the hospital and he’s doing ok. The grass is growing and there are weeds a plenty. It’s pretty yellow around here with the pine pollen. I thought the rain would get rid of some of it, but it just moved it.

I thought I would do the lawn today, but when I took George out I saw a really big snake out by the pond, so the lawn isn’t going to get done, and I might put George in the car and take him to the park to use the bathroom. Then again, just going outside isn’t big on my list today. I intend to give that snake as much room as possible.

Fmom is talking about going out to see my brother again. I think she’s serious about going this time because she went to the beauty shop and had her hair done. Speaking of, I’m in a bad need of a haircut.

I thought I would put up a picture of what’s growing in the front lawn. Hope ya’ll like it.

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Added: I thought I would take some inside picture of George. George is in need of a haircut too.

George's back end
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George's Front End

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A little FM with one of my uncle's prize bulls.

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This is an old one, but I've always liked it. A movie of the pond with music.


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