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Monday, March 12, 2007

Farewell Leafs and Pinecones.

I kept wishing for it to go on and on, but as wishes go it didn’t. All the neighbors are out today cleaning their yards and since mine looks worst I’m going to have to do mine. It was a nice, but short winter down here, but lawn days are back again. I can hear leaf blowers, lawnmowers and hedge clippers. My outside thermometer says it’s 84 F/29 C and I can hear birds chirping and see squirrels scampering across the lawn. Damn I hate spring.

Ya’ll usually hear me complain about everything else, so get ready for the lawn whinnies. I feel I’m one of the best at this. You may ask why I whine about the lawn. Well it’s not easy turning on the key to the riding lawn mower and hooking up the lawn sweeper to get all the pine cones. Don’t even get me started on emptying the lawn sweeper. Once I get all the stuff picked up I have to start with the weed eating. If any of you remember last year, a snake down at the pond had my weed eater hostage for a couple of day. Actually I saw a snake, dropped it and ran. Didn’t go back for a couple of day to get it. I wanted to make sure the snake had plenty of time to clear out.

As I’ve said before I should had been born an heir to a fortune. That way I could have five or six people out doing this stuff, but noooooo, the FSM had different plans for me.

So burn incense, pray for me or turn in circles and jump because I’m going to tackle the lawn today. I’ll need all the help I can get to get it done.

I’ll let ya’ll know later if I even got the lawnmower out of the carport.

ADDED: I got all the pinecones up and 70% of the leafs are up. I decided to call it a day from that and we'll see how it all goes tomorrow. If I'm real sore in the morning, then it will be awhile before I approach the lawn again.


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