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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Road Blocks

I had dropped off my stop-smoking prescription to the pharmacy and they had to order it. I said ok, so I went Friday morning to pick it up. When they started to ring it up they told me, “You know, your insurance won’t pay for this.” I told them no, but how much would it cost. For one month it’s $147.50. I told them to put it back up because I couldn’t afford it. It seems like that's one thing the insurance company would push for.

So I’m going to get this done one way or another. As I said earlier I’ve never tried the patches or gum so I’ll give that a shot. I’ll call my doctor on Monday and see what she says.

George appears to be getting better. His appetite has come back, so I’ll keep pushing these antibiotics down him until they’re done.

The saga of the broken glasses has finally come to an end. This morning I turned my head and they came flying off. I guess by reflex I caught them under my arm and that snapped the noise piece. It looks like a new pair will be coming soon. In the meantime I’ve got a very old pair of prescription sunglasses that should do the trick. Who knows, I might even look cool?

If you haven’t been over, FARfetched has his monthly podcast up. Go over and take a listen. You’ll learn about the trial and tribulations at FARmanor and you’ll hear a new band called Short Buss. Here’s the link: FARmanor Podcast

Added: I hardly ever wear this old pair of sunglasses, but one good thing I just discovered about them, is I can see better with them then set of glasses I just broke. What's odd about it is I got this set back in the later 80's. Yep they're almost 20 years old, but I do see better with them. I guess somethings it's good to hold onto.


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