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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Quit Date

I had smoked my last one last night and I was fine until I got to the doctor’s office. I had an appointment, but they sign me in as a walk in. So after waiting three hours I see the doctor. The non-smoking medicine is supposed to work on the nicotine receptors in the brain and you’re supposed to take it for a week prior to your stop date. The doctor and I went through all the contraindications and side effects and everything on the information. We find with the medicines I’m currently taking there should be no problem.

If this is supposed to work I have to start taking it today and taper down until Wednesday/Thursday next week. I was thinking last night after I posted the Quitting post maybe that I ought to have waited until I had found out about the medicine. However, the reason I’m taking the medicine is to lessen the first two weeks effects.

I could tell ya’ll that yes I’m still hadn’t had one since last night, but I hate lying and liars. I didn’t need an excuse, but I figured it didn’t make sense to me to stay cold turkey from last night and go through everything for a week that I originally went to the doctor and wanted to start the medicine for. Also it was an excuse to get a pack. So yes I went ahead and started back today, but I have a confirmed stop date for Thursday.

Thanks everyone for their encouragement from yesterday, but next Thursday for me is set in stone. So until then please forgive me if I’ve let you down in less than 24 hours, but next week is when I’ll start.


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