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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Brother Update.

My brother was supposed to get out of the hospital today, but it appears he’ll be staying for awhile longer. Yesterday when my s-I-l was out of the room for a minute he went over the rails on his bed and tried to get his catheter out and last night he pulled some type of wires out so he’s going back to surgery this morning. My brother can be a difficult person to begin with, but it seems he’s being especially difficult after this by-pass. My s-I-l wants to get him to my nephew’s house and she says she will be better able to take care of him, but at this point I don’t know. I had forgotten all the things that you go through with by-pass surgery. When I had my by-pass surgery I was out of the hospital in four days, but that was just the beginning. As I said before, when I had my by-pass surgery I didn’t know what was going on. From about forty-five minutes after I reached the ER to about 2 days before I was discharged I don’t remember anything. I’m sure that’s what is going on with my brother now, plus like I said, he’s difficult even when he’s feeling good. The nurses and doctor said it’s nothing to worry about and they’ve seen this many times before.

Fmom is at the beauty shop to get her hair done so we can go out there. From the length of time, I think they’re doing a major overhaul on her. Since he’ll be in the hospital longer, that has pushed back the trip a little more. Actually I’m now looking forward to the trip so she can see him and stop worrying. As many times as we’ve been out there I should know the route by heart, but the last trip showed me I don’t. I got lost going up there and coming back. This time I’ll be using the maps and make sure I don’t get lost.

Things around the house are chugging along. I’m looking out at my lawn and see it has to be cut again, but not today. I wish I could share some of this warmth and green with everybody, but don’t loose hope; yours will be coming soon. By the time yours gets there, I will have already been whining about the oppressive heat and humidity. The price you pay for living down here I guess.

I hope everyone’s day is good today and your week turns out great. Remember slack when possible.



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