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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Tradition With Plants.

Day two of working on the lawn and I’m finding I hate doing it as much today as I did yesterday. Fmom came out for awhile and sat on the patio with me. She showed me the Baby’s Breath bush she had planted over 30 years ago. She told me she got a clipping from my Grandmother who in turn go a clipping from my Great Grandmother. I tried to take a picture of it and here’s the best I came up with.

Click to enlarge.

I don't know, but it bought a sense of wonder to me that that bush could be passed down to each generation of women in my family. FMom told me that both my sisters had gotten clippings from it. Since my oldest sister has passed away I don't know how her clipping is doing, but my sister living across the street has her clipping and it's doing fine. I think it would be pretty cool if my sister handed down a clipping to her daughter. I do love family traditions.

Well I'm off to do some more on the lawn and I hope everyone has a good day.



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