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Monday, April 16, 2007

100 And Still Chugging Along.

Well this month is one of celebration for the family. My great Aunt O will turn 100 on the 22nd. Although she uses a walker to get around, her mind is still as clear as ever. I keep hoping that my mind is as clear next year as hers in after 100 years. We’re supposed to have a big gathering for her B’day and I’m hoping she will have a very good time. However, as most of you know, a big gathering for my family is almost a common place thing. I always love to see everyone, but sometimes I look forward to just the quiet and slackerly days. Who am I kidding, I always look forward to the slackerly days. 

I haven’t posted in a couple of days because I’ve felt very tired and have a major lack of energy. I think it has something to do with my quitting taking the Effexor that was prescribed for my migraines. I decided that it wasn’t helping with the migraines and it made me feel so devoid of caring about doing anything, that it was time to stop it. I found that the stopping isn’t that easy and the lack of energy is a side effect of the stopping. I’ll be glad when I’m done with the whole thing. I’ve got to get a lot of stuff done that I’ve put off during this time. It seems a little bit overwhelming right now, but if I keep putting it off, it will become too overwhelming.

I’ve decided on the spot I’ll take the pictures for the pond series and also that I’ll post a Pond Picture Diary (PPD) once a week. I’ll take pictures during the week and pick out the best ones for that diary. The PPD will be a work in progress, so if anyone has any suggestions please feel free and post them.

Well it’s time to get some stuff done around here. I hope everyone is doing fine and you have a good week ahead.



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