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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Migraine & An Old/New Picture.

I went through a migraine yesterday. It wasn’t as bad as some, but it still wasn’t a feeling of I want to go back there. I had to go to the doctor’s office for this one. That always presents problems. My b-I-l was on his way to a meeting so I got him to drop me off at the doctor's office. After that Fmom had to drive to the doctor's office to pick me up. They ended up giving me three shots and obviously I couldn’t drive. To show you how bad it was hurting, I would only agree in this instant to let Fmom drive. The office is only two miles away and Fmom did fine for that little of a drive. I told her after the shots that George could be driving and I wouldn’t have cared. This got her into a huff because she thought I was belittling her driving. Actually she did pretty good and only went off the right side of the road once. She told me she could drive from here to Memphis and there would be no problem. I told her the only problem that would be is her going by herself, because I wouldn’t be riding with her. That thoroughly put her into a bad mood and luckily when I did get home I went to my room and didn’t have to suffer her huff.

The one funny thing about the doctor’s visit is when the nurse gave me the shots she said I should be out until tomorrow. I tried to explain that these medicines have the opposite effect on me. They deaden the pain, but they also make me hyper. When Fmom finally showed up at the office, the nurse was aghast that I was up pacing back and forth. I told her that when I got home I knew from experience that the only thing that would happen is I would be sitting in my chair rocking back and forth and if I was lucky later on I might get some sleep. Well that’s exactly what happened and now my head is down to a dull roar and I’m able to tolerate light a little better.

My blood pressure (BP) was up pretty high when I went in and the doctor said she wanted to see me again after the migraine was gone so we could see how my BP was doing. I felt my BP was keeping in step with the pain from the migraine, but she wanted to check it again to make sure. During the time seeing the doctor she asked me how my back was doing and I told her. I also told her that when I fractured my vertebrae it was nothing compared to the migraine at the moment. I think she finally got the idea.

While sitting at the computer in my medicine induced haze I started playing with an old picture of the pond and doing a lot of different effects on it. This is where I’ve gotten so far and later on today after I’ve gone back to sleep and woken up again; I’ll have to see what I did. What do ya’ll think?

The pond in colored charcoal.

Click to enlarge.

I don't know why but out of the entire picture this one branch keeps catching my attention. I can only guess because it is more realistic looking than the rest of the picture.

Click to enlarge

Well it's off to try and get some more sleep and hopefully when I wake up, I'll be out of pain and out of the haze.

I hope everyone's day and week are good and take care.


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