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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Getting The House Ready.

We’ve got my Great Aunt O’s B’day this weekend. All the brothers and sister will be converging here. My brother that had the by-pass surgery is supposed to be here today. He talked to his doctor and his doctor said it was fine to take the trip. I sort of think that after the trip he’ll be so worn out that he’ll be in bed most of the time. Fmom’s asthma has been acting up a good bit, and I’ve been running back and forth getting her nebulizer and things ready for her. I have a feeling this weekend might be less celebrating and more taking care of people. We’ll see though.

I’ve finally decided I’ve got to win the lottery. This constant running back and forth and cleaning and re-cleaning is tiring me out. I figure to be able to slack and become comfortable to the life I could easily become accustomed to, I’ve got to buy that ticket. Only problem is to buy the ticket is over a three and a half-hour drive. So if anyone happens to buy a ticket and wins, feel free to send along to me. I’ll certainly put it to good use, oh and I’ll send you some flowers for your troubles.

Hope everyone’s day is going good. Now back to cleaning.



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