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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Lawn Again.

I tried to mow the lawn yesterday. I got the front yard done and started on the side when something went wrong. I must have hit a tree root, because the blade was bent. I knew this time not to try and pick up the front end of the lawnmower. Amazing how a fractured vertebra will remind you of that. So I got two pieces of lumber, got them on an incline and rode the lawnmower up that. It actually worked very well. So I worked and worked and worked and couldn’t get the blade off the lawnmower to straighten it out.

It’s my brother’s lawnmower and he has left a few here over the years. I told Fmom that every time I go out to mow the lawn that I know something is going to go wrong with the lawnmower. I can’t just go out and jump on the lawnmower and get the job done. I’m going to have a talk with my brother and tell him if he’s going to leave a lawnmower here that I expect one that runs correctly, no matter what I do to mess it up.

I guess I’ll wait until the brother that owns the lawnmower gets here and tell him to fix it. More than likely he’ll tell me, if I want it fixed to get off my lazy back end and fix it. Where’s the respect for the aged and infirm, not to speak of the lazy now of days.

Hope everybody’s weekend goes good.



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