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Monday, May 07, 2007

Getting a Date.

As I was saying earlier, my Aunt O turned 100 recently. There was a big to do at the local church she helped build. In the handout they give you every Sunday at church to tell you the schedule of events for the day, there was also included a paper about Aunt O. On the front it had her picture with her all dressed up and smiling and on the back it had her history. I already knew a lot of the facts and some I didn’t. When I got down to the end there was a little story about Aunt O.

It’s seems there was a local radio station running a contest for the oldest listener to call in. Her grand daughter called in and got everything going and Aunt O won a coffee mug from the station. Aunt O is still sharp as a tack and her only comment was “My grand daughter told them my real age. How am I going to get dates now.”

Aunt O is in a nursing home and has been for a little while now. She gets around with a walker, but she’s still spry. There’s no doubt she wants to go back to her own home, but I know the nursing home is probably the best place for her.

I got to thinking is Aunt O one of the lucky one? To live that long and have so many come into your life. I think yes and no. I can’t say I know what it’s like to yearn to go back to a home you and your spouse built and raised children in. A home where the church you helped build is 50 yards away and the place you worked until you had to retire is across the street. The place is less than a hamlet. Just some houses off a curvy road and a few building by a railroad track that used to be stores. She saw this place when it was prosperous, vibrant and oh so many family and friends around. Now it’s a shell and it’s a place she wants to be, but she can’t.

I don’t know if Aunt O is lucky. I know there are many people who think about her and love her, but lucky, I don’t know. I can always remember her saying about where she’s at now, “Oh honey, all these people in here are crazy except for me.”

Here’s to you Aunt O. I’m half your age and I wished I had half of the spunk you’ve got.



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