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Saturday, May 05, 2007

A Little Catching Up

As I said last night I’mmmmmm Backkkkkkk. I hope this computer keeps working, but nothings for sure.

What’s been going on? My brother that had the bypass surgery is home now and he and my s-I-l will be staying here for awhile. He’s actually handling his second one better than I did my first one. I don’t think I was as active as him this soon after the by-pass surgery. Of course I’ll take any and all sympathy I can get, but then again, I didn’t have a spouse waiting on me either. For that matter I didn’t have a brother waiting on me while waiting on my spouse either. I don’t know if that made sense, but they’ve run my back end off.

Fmom has been doing OK. She and I went to buy more groceries today, so that got her out of the house. She was feeling bad today and my s-I-l used my brothers blood sugar meter to check hers. It was high, high enough to worry about, so we see the doctor on Monday. But, there will be no more frozen fudge bar wars anymore. That’s a good thing because I was getting sick of those things.

George is in serious need of a haircut and I’ll have to give him a bath this weekend. I’m not looking forward to either. I did get a little pissed at my brother and s-I-l this afternoon when we came back. They had put him in my room and closed the door on him. Basically locked him in my room. I don’t usually loose my temper, but I let them know what I thought about it. Cat is starting to spend her nights outside. She had her last time of deciding my clothes basket was a easy place to go. She’s lucky I’ll let her in during the day. Tom is still Tom. Still as big as ever and looking like he’s been in a fight every night.

This coming weekend we have the whole family here for Mother’s Day. I was supposed to go into the hospital on Friday so they can run some treatments on me for the migraines, but I’ll have to call and reschedule for a couple of days later. I don’t exactly know what type of treatments they’ll be doing, but the doctor said it would only be a couple of days. I told him if it would stop them, then lets go for it. I’m also quite sure after having my brother and s-I-l here and then the whole family that a few day in bed won’t do me any harm.
I’ll try to start the pond series again this coming week, and try to think up some stories of old to tell again.

Hope everyone’s weekend is going great.


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