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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Adventure In Home Repair

You ever have one of those little things that will drive you up the wall. I’ve been working on the washing machine. It will agitate, but once it gets to the spin cycle it stops. Now I’m not an internet genius, but I did find a place for this type of washer that gives you step by step instruction for problems and simple repairs. It even had pictures, thank goodness. I found out I need an actuator lid switch. So going by the instructions I take the cabinet off the washer and get to exactly what I need. Pretty simple so far.

Now for what’s driving me up the wall. This washer was brought from a national department store. There’s a branch of it about 35 miles from here. I want to call it’s parts department in the mall it’s located at, but looking it up on the computer only puts me into a national type system and calling that particular store number given puts me in the same system. I called information at the mall and they said the only thing they have is the national number. I know I have the number somewhere because I had to use it during the times I was trying to fix the dryer. But if I have to dig through all the stuff on my desk and go through each and every thing, then I’ll save time by driving up there. Now comes another dilemma. When I looked the part up on the internet, they said it was unavailable. This washer is probably 10-11 years old but it works, or at least did. Am I going to find out when I drive up there that an $11.00 part has been discontinued or there’s no replacement part and I’m going to have to shell out for a new washer?

Right now, I’m a little miffed about the phone number. It seems like the store is making things harder than easier. However, once I get up there, I’m beginning to wonder if they can even get that replacement part.

The adventure continues.



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