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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Locked Out Again!

Well I did it again. We have French doors going out to the patio and the door you go through has a dead bolt on it. It also has one of those push button locks on the door handle. I got up this morning and when I finally take George out I didn’t turn the doorknob far enough to pop out the push button lock. Fmom, brother and s-I-l are still asleep and I don’t want to wake them up, so I go around the house checking ever door and window. I’m pretty good about locking up at night so not a thing is unlocked, and honestly, I can’t see myself trying to crawl through one of these windows now. I finally go to knocking on the window and waking up my brother. At this point I’m very glad they’re here, because Fmom is pretty unstable on her feet first thing in the morning.

While I’m outside waiting George is in a crazy barking mood. I’m doing a whisper/yell at him to shut up because he’s not far from our neighbor’s bedroom window. My brother gets to the door and lets us in. By this time, George is in a frenzy of barking. He hates my oldest brother for some reason. I don’t remember my brother ever doing anything bad to George, but George is one of these little souls that doesn’t forget. My brother could have stamped his foot at George one time, and George is one to hold a grudge.

So at the moment, back in the house with my door closed, George is still doing his low-level growl and an intermittent ear piercing bark. Hey want can I say? A little excitement to an otherwise mundane morning.

Hope everyone enjoys your morning.



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