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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Drought Conditions.

I knew it was dry around here, but I just found out this morning that I’m living in an extreme drought area. I saw something on the news, and I went to the US Drought Monitor web page. It actually surprised me we are in a drought area. When you live around a lot of pine trees and things that stay green even in winter, then seeing how a drought is effecting the area sometimes isn't as clear.

The local news said we would need at least several bouts of two to three steady rain days to get back to normal. We are having rain right now, but it will pass on through. After that, I don't know when we'll get rain again. One thing that struck me odd is the local news was saying our best chance to catch up on the rain deficit will be during Jun-Nov. How can you catch up on the rain deficit during the hottest parts of the summer? Two words - Hurricane Season. Now I don't live on the coast, but most hurricanes that hit down there do bring us a lot of rain. However, the coast is far from recovery and some areas probably never will recover. I want rain, but not at the expense of more hurricanes battering down, well anyplace.

I've always liked to be a little bit ahead of the curve, so for years now, I don't water my lawn and if I can get away with it, not too many plants around the house. I know my neighbors think "God I wish he would take care of his lawn,", but I just look at it as good stewardship. To me water is a precious resource that most people take for granted. I think what brought that clearly to me was when I lived in San Antonio.

I rented a house there and the owner told me during the summer to make sure I watered the foundation of the house. I was surprised by this and asked him what he meant. Out there during the summer, the heat and lack of water will make big cracks in your yard. If you don't water the foundation of your house, then it will crack. I had seen many houses made of brick that had what looked like repaired cracks going up the side of a outside wall. I never paid any attention to it until my landlord told me to water the foundation. I found out that repairing cracked foundations is a big business out there. I also found out that in a city of over a million people there is only one aquifer that gets very low. You have to conserve out there.

I don't intend to let this house get a cracked foundation, but I can reduce my water usage by not worrying about the lawn. Actually I really like this idea. Doing something I consider good and being slackerly at the same time. Sometimes things do come together.



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